[Digikam-users] [Fwd: very odd color saturation]

Mathusael n.vilars at free.fr
Sat Sep 23 17:03:34 BST 2006

Caulier Gilles wrote:
> Le Vendredi 22 Septembre 2006 17:14, Nicolas Vilars a écrit :
> yes. tested with your RAW pictures. The yellow area is duing to the "Over 
> Exposure Indicator" enable into CM plugin. it's not a bug.
Ok, I've seen your point. The fact is my overexposed pictures are being 
painted even if the indicator is unset. (see with and without the 
indicator being checked in the following sc).

(I took an other picture, because, well, because but it is the same 
behavior with the previous ones)

This might lead to a installation problem from my distro (gentoo), 
because by "default" the flag is off when it open the CM picture... but 
act as if it was the contrary. Do you have an idea to re-set the flag to 
on by default? I think I remember a time when I've seen a general option 
about this, but as I can't find it now may be I'm wrong. Leaving the 
indicator to set and pressing ok, doesn't give me a default indicator to 
"on" when the plugin is open again.


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