[Digikam-users] IPTC, EXIF, Kphotoalbum

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Tue Oct 31 16:08:19 GMT 2006

Le Mardi 31 Octobre 2006 15:32, Hubert Figuiere a écrit :
> > XMP metadata will be supported by Exiv2 in the future, and of course, by
> > digiKam.
> >
> > No need to have a separate XML file to store these metadata : XMP is
> > supported by JPEG, PNG, and TIFF/EP, like an embeded metadata directly in
> > file, exactly like IPTC and EXIF are.
> Again, I must disagree. The pictures should be *read-only*. A piece of
> software that rewrite my pictures behind my back get uninstalled
> immediately.
> Do you use a marker pen to write on your negative film strips?
> This is exactly what it is about.


Do you know Nikon Capture NX software to handle NEF RAW files ?

It work exactly like this about versionning of pictures. All actions in 
pictures editor are stored in a dedicaced TIFF/EP tag (Yes, NEF RAW files are 
based on TIFF/EP format). The RAW image data are untouched, but a new tiff 
tag is add to the pictures file to store a proprietary bytes array. 

The data width are very small (around 5Kb) and store a list of actions 
processed by the GUI to edit picture, like crop, rotation, and other stuff.

If i remember, you use a Canon camera... Well i give you an argument to never 
toogle to Nikon in the future (:=)))...

Also, there is a file in B.K.O where we talking about a similar way to 
implement versionning of pictures in digiKam, using a dedicaced IPTC tag to 
store editor actions list. Look here :



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