[Digikam-users] Problem whit transferring from my Sony Apn

yves thomazeau yvesthomazeau at free.fr
Sun Oct 29 17:22:42 GMT 2006

Hello .
I am running the 0.8.2 version and try to get my pictures from a sony dsc-w7 .
when connection all is all right : thumbanils are created very quicly and i 
can see them .
When transferring the first pictures are transferred (usually 6 to 10 
pictures) , then a message is showing asking me if i want to go on ro cancel 
because it is "impossible to transfer the picture xxx" that is the next one 
ans so on until the end of the directory .
It is very frustrating   because all seem to be ok first and then fails .
Have you heard of this problem anywhere ?

ps: gtkam is worse failing at the beginning because of an i/o error....

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