[Digikam-users] [PrintWizard] follow up

Peter Neubauer peter at neubauer.se
Sun Oct 29 05:11:05 GMT 2006

Hi all,
I tried to describe what I wanted for the print wizard. Actually, the
crop and size part could be achieved with the Aspect Ratio Crop Tool
which does exactly this. So, basically, printing wizard would be
perfect if one could choose paper with custom size,there could be some
default layouts for multiple pics on one page, and one could work with
temp images through applying the ImageEditor prior to printing.

1) Choose paper size
2) Choose layout of pics
3) Choose pics
4) Open Image editor for each pic and continue working with the temp
image achieved, so one can redo things if they went wrong.
5) Show the temp image in the layout preview
6) Print.

Does that make sense?


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