[Digikam-users] digiKam-0.9.0-beta3 and DigikamImagePlugins-0.9.0-beta3 have been released.

F.J.Cruz fj.cruz at supercable.es
Fri Oct 20 21:44:53 BST 2006

Following the policy of digiKam community about to offer a high quality 
product, we are proud to presents the new digiKam and DigikamImagePlugins 
0.9.0-beta3 releases. As usual, these news packages  have a lot of bugs fixed 
and improved features:

If you want to know more about all the changes in this release, have a look at 
the NEWS 
and CHANGELOG files 
Feel free to  read about ours plans for the future in the TODO file 

As you probably know whith the beta releases we are asking users to test this 
version of digiKam and to report bugs, so if you find one of these, please 
report it to the bug tracking system at bugs.kde.org. In a first step, make 
sure that there is not already a bug report for your problem. A list of open 
bug reports for digikam can be found at 
and for digikamimageplugins in this URL 

If you are a digiKam user, you know you have a great piece of software in your 
desktop, otherwise we invite to test a sophisticated, but easy to use, 
digital photo management application.

Donwload your packages here: 

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