[Digikam-users] showfoto and imageeditor jpeg loading

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Tue Oct 17 18:30:21 BST 2006

> Hi
>   Do showfoto and imageeditor have any significant differences in the
> way they load jpeg files ?

The code is exactly the same. (Even parts of the GUI code is shared, by 
inheriting from EditorWindow. Canvas, DImgInterface, the threaded loader, the 
DImg loaders are used by both)

> From brief glances at the code both seem to 
> use dimg in the same way. I ask this because:
> 1) I found one image that is correctly rendered by showfoto, preview
> (f3 in digikam) and thumbnailer but the image-editor only shows 10%
> from the top and then grays the rest.
> I can email the image to someone if needed.

You can send me the image.

> 2) Putting QTime.start/elapsed across JPEGLoader.load, for the same
> image showfoto is taking 200-400ms whereas image-editor is taking
> 1000-7000ms.

I'd say as you put the QTime statements in one source file only, for both 
apps, this shows that the code is the same.
What may happen is that something is done at the same time in a different 
thread/process that is taking CPU time.

First guess (using Gentoo directory layout):
mv /usr/kde/3.5/lib/kde3/kio_digikampreview.so /usr/kde/3.5/lib/kde3/kio_digikampreview.so_
to disable the preview ioslave. Start digikam, check if the situation 

> If you want precise figures, I can provide them. These are all 4-5
> MegaPix JPEGs from olympus digital camera, downloaded and edited by
> digikam.
> I was basically trying to see why image-editor takes 5-10 secs to load
> images whereas showfoto 1-2 secs. If you need me to run more
> experiments, I will be happy to do so.
> Thanks for digikam.

What CPU and memory do you have?
10 seconds for a JPEG sounds really long.


> - dBera

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