[Digikam-users] Double clicking [was: svn version memory usage]

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Tue Oct 17 18:16:31 BST 2006

> How should digikam be perceived ?
> - Picassa which can also do Photoshop ? (target audience is a viewer who
> sometime wants to touch-up their pics)

My personal opinion on the question of our philosophy:
We dont want to do Photoshop. We want to do editing with effects which are 
easy to use (direct preview, an image plugin provides a set of actions which 
you could do manually in a full-blown image editor, but if you don't want to 
know how, you can use the effect easily, with no learning)

> - or Photoshop with a picassa mode ? (target audience is a pro-photographer
> who spends time editing his pictures)

I'd say, we do image management as good as possible, and editing as good and 
easy as possible within our limits / market niche.

> clicking (dbl/single) should act accordingly. IMO, since editing is less
> freq used by most current users, it should be an explicit menu item instead
> of the default. But then again, its for Gilles and his team to decide :)

It's difficult to decide.
Digikam currently has no dedicated viewer. It has an editor, and it has a 
preview function. The image editor acts as a viewer (it does this as long as 
I know digikam). It loads slowly (especially RAW), but provides zoom and full 
The preview depends on the quality of the embedded thumbnail, and is limited 
in detail for some formats (digikam embeds 800x600 previews in some formats it 
can save)


> - dBera

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