[Digikam-users] Two more points - 0.9.0-beta2

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Tue Oct 3 20:28:46 BST 2006

Le Mardi 3 Octobre 2006 21:20, Dieter Jurzitza a écrit :
> Dear listmembers,
> playing with 0.9.0-beta2 showed one (possible ...) bug for me and one more
> issue for the wish-list.
> My casio exilim creates a file called "DDISCVRY.DPS" in it's picture
> directory. I do not know, what it is for, but it causes issues:
> - when simply trying to delete the file while accessing the camera digikam
> tends to crash. If I can delete successfully (happens sometimes), digikam
> still tends to be unstable afterwards. I remember having a similar issue
> recently with defective jpeg pictures, however maybe I am on the wrong path
> and these problems are not related to each other.
> May this be an issue with digikam or should I expect this to be a problem
> of my computer / my kde - version? Any suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated. If anyone wants such a file "DDISCVRY.DPS" for testing
> purposes, I can supply easily.

There is already a file in B.K.O. Will be fixed.

> - when I want to select files on the camera, I can select all or I can
> select a certain (but not arbitrary ...) amount of pictures through the
> mouse-select dialogue (pressing down left mouse button and select a certain
> amount of pictures).
> This leads me into trouble when trying to select i. e. ten lines with 4
> pictures each and only three out of four of the eleventh line. Other
> programs allow to press the shift key and then select file for file by left
> mouse click, enlarging the number of selected files easily. This does not
> work with digikam - at least not on my system.

Hum, fixed in current implementation by Marcel. Will be avaialble in beta3


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