[Digikam-users] Wish for new feature

J├╝rgen Flosbach dk juergen.flosbach at bigfoot.com
Sun Nov 26 18:51:07 GMT 2006


I have a wish to extend the tag functionality.
What I find annoying is the fact that I always have to tag sub-tags and 
all tag-levels above.
An example :
I have the following tag structure for people

   +       +        +---->father
   +       +---->grandparents->grandmother
   +                  +------->grandfather
   +---->children->girls->"my girl"
            +----->boys ->"my son"

If I have a picture with "my son" I would wish that if I tag the tag 
"my son" the tags "boys, children, people" would be tagged too. Because, 
all that above from "my son" is also true.

With regards

Juergen Flosbach

e-mail : juergen.flosbach at bigfoot.com

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