[Digikam-users] Input color profile for Canon 400D

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Mon Nov 20 14:10:29 GMT 2006

On Monday 20 November 2006 15:04, Charlier, Etienne wrote:
> Thanks for you fast answer..
> - I looked into the win 32 stuff from canon, but they have rather
> obscure filenames ( apart from the srgb,.. Profiles)
> - Thanks for the pointer to bibble, I' try this tonight!!

look here all icc profiles available :

[gilles]$ ls /usr/lib/bibblelabs/bibblepro/profiles
Adobe.icm       canond.icm                      er1.icm         lin.icm            
nikonc.icm        oly6.icm
adobenkon.icm   canone.icm                      er2.icm         low2.icm           
nikond.icm        olysp.icm
Apple.icm       canonf.icm                      er3.icm         lowfinal.icm       
nklab.icm         PAL.icm
BetaRGB.icc     c.icm                           er4.icm         lownormal.icm      
nnhigh2.icm       panasonic1.icm
bruce.icm       CIE.icm                         er5.icm         
LStar-License.rtf  nnhighfinal.icm   panasonic2.icm
canon1.icm      ColorMatch.icm                  ERIMM_PCS3.icm  LStar-RGB.icc      
nnhighnormal.icm  panasonic3.icm
canon2.icm      D1xAdobeL.icm                   fuji1.icm       mac.icm            
nnlin.icm         pentax1.icm
canon3.icm      D1xSrgbG.icm                    high2.icm       minolta1.icm       
nnlow2.icm        ProPhotoRGB.icm
canon4.icm      DCSPortraitGrayscale.icm        highfinal.icm   minolta3.icm       
nnlowfinal.icm    rimm.icm
canon5.icm      DCSPortraitLook.icm             highnormal.icm  mvx900.icm         
nnlownormal.icm   SMPTE-C.icm
canon6.icm      DCSPortraitLookRed.icm          kodak1.icm      nikon1.icm         
nnnormfinal.icm   sony1.icm
canon7.icm      DCSProductGrayscale.icm         kodak2.icm      nikon2.icm         
normfinal.icm     sony2.icm
canon8.icm      DCSProductLook.icm              kodak3.icm      nikon3.icm         
NTSC.icm          sRGB Color Space Profile.icm
canon9.icm      DCSProductLookRed.icm           KODAK_sRGB.icm  nikon4.icm         
oly1.icm          srgb.icm
canona.icm      DCSRGB.icm                      lab.icm         nikon5.icm         
oly2.icm          WideGamut.icm
canonb.icm      DefaultMonitor.icm              leaf1.icm       nikon6.icm         
oly3.icm          znorm.icm
canonc.icm      Ekta Space PS 5, J. Holmes.icc  leica1.icm      nikon7.icm         
canond30r2.icm  epson1.icm                      LinearRGB.icm   nikonb.icm         


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