[Digikam-users] Input color profile for Canon 400D

Charlier, Etienne etienne.charlier at siemens.com
Mon Nov 20 14:04:57 GMT 2006

Thanks for you fast answer..

- I looked into the win 32 stuff from canon, but they have rather
obscure filenames ( apart from the srgb,.. Profiles)

- Thanks for the pointer to bibble, I' try this tonight!!

Thanks a lot,

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On Monday 20 November 2006 14:25, Charlier, Etienne wrote:
> Hello,
> I just got my new 400D and I'm evaluating digikam...
> I installed the beta3 on  ubuntu edgy and it's seems to work well...
> I'm looking for an input color profile to assign to the cr2 files
> created by my new 400D ....
> Where should I look ???


- First way, install Canon Win32 software and look where icc/icm
files are installed in the system.

You can use this file (binary compatible with digiKam), but certainly 
uncomplete (just my experience about profiles file provided with Canon 
camera). In fact, there is a risk to have a dummy result in digiKam (no
correction), because the profiles are uncomplete. This susbject have
already discuted in this room with Paco (another digiKam developper)

- Second way, easy to do, download and install new BibblePro version on
linux and try to use icc color profiles installed into the system 
(here /usr/lib/bibblelabs/bibblepro/profiles)


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