[Digikam-users] "Install digiKam in your Home Directory"

Fabien fabien.ubuntu at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 10:02:20 GMT 2006

Ok, I think I understood the problem.

In my first try, I forgot to check the lib/kde3 subdir that contains 
imageplugins and kipiplugins.

When I started digikam with strace, I saw that it was a kipiplugin that 
loaded the old lib.

All kipiplugins that needed libexiv2 were linked to the old exiv2 lib.

Here's the reason :
In my compile script, I didn't use the --with-extra-libs for kipiplugins...

I'm doing more tests right now but I think this should fix the problem...

Gilles Caulier wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 November 2006 18:49, Fabien wrote:
>>Wow, ok, I can reproduce the bug.
>>I installed libexiv2-0.10 in /usr/local/lib and digikam crashes at each
>>Renaming libexiv2-0.10.so file is enough to solve the problem.
>>It's really weird, LD_LIBRARY is properly defined everywhere and ldd
>>results always point to the right library. Why the old one is still loaded
> I don't know why exactly. Marcel, are you an explaination for that ?
> Normally, digiKam is linked with the first exiv2 version found in the system. 
> Perhaps because the header file are at the same place (mixed in fact and the 
> linker mix both library to solve depencies)
> Andreas, are you an explaination about why both Exiv2 library release 
> installed in the system is not cleanly resolved by linker ? Perhaps we need a 
> lib version tag in shared libexiv2.so file (Not checked the current 
> implementation of makefile. fix me if it's already done). 


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