[Digikam-users] Number of digits in file name

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sun Nov 5 19:39:20 GMT 2006

> Hi,
> The added a sequence number has always 5 digits, is there a way to
> configure that?
> In the manual there is written something about using strings
> like "photo-%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" to customise the file name and in the
> mailinglist I have found a hint about using "%%Ond" to insert a sequence
> number. But when using those, digikam renames the pictures to literally
> that string, without inserting numbers. Is that correct behaviour of
> digikam 0.9.0 beta 3? Is there a way to choose the number of digits and the
> separating character (the dash in occurence).

The documentation seems outdated.
Currently, the sequence number and the dash are not customizable. Nor is the 
order of the different parts of the custom file name.
Prefix and suffix can be freely choosen, but nothing is substituted in the 
string IIRC.
The date and time is freely configurable, documentation is given in the edit 
box itself (setting "Advanced")


> Thanks,
> Norman

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