[Digikam-users] Number of digits in file name

Norman Urs Baier spiessli at gmx.net
Sun Nov 5 17:07:34 GMT 2006


The added a sequence number has always 5 digits, is there a way to configure 
In the manual there is written something about using strings 
like "photo-%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" to customise the file name and in the 
mailinglist I have found a hint about using "%%Ond" to insert a sequence 
number. But when using those, digikam renames the pictures to literally that 
string, without inserting numbers. Is that correct behaviour of digikam 0.9.0 
beta 3? Is there a way to choose the number of digits and the separating 
character (the dash in occurence).




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