[Digikam-users] Edit metadata and geotagging plugins

Trebol-a info at trebol-a.com
Wed Nov 1 11:53:12 GMT 2006

I am testing the last version of the news kipi-plugins "Geotagging" and "Edit 
Metadata" and  I have somes questions:

- "Geotagging" plugin work fine. Perhaps I think will be a good idea add an 
menu like "Favorite sites" or "Place of startup" or a "remember last 
position" ¿somebody live in Latitude:0 and Longitude:0 ? :DD

Nevertheless I dont know how work plugins "Edit metadata". If I select somes 
photos and edit any field of IPTC, work fine. But ..

- If I edit the info IPTC in a field "Caption IPTC" (corresponding at comments 
field) the new data dont appear in a inputbox of "Comments" but yes in the 
list IPTC info. Where is this info? in basedata? I have probe to restart 
Digikam without changes.
It happens the same with "Starts of clasification" (Field IPTC Urgency) and 
others. In other words, the info that I set ór add by "Edit metadata" is not 
accesible/readable from Digikam.

-If selected somes photos, and the first photo have a data in (by 
example) "Copyright", but not the others, I cannot set the same value for all 
photos, because (I think) the program dont detect any changes. I must enter a 
new value, and reenter at initial value from set all photos with the 
correct "Copyright"

- A question: Is posible some feature to know if the information is save on 
the basedata ór embed. I have thinking in some icon in sidebar or similar. 

Thanks in advance
Cuaderno de Campo

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