[Digikam-users] saving tags and rating into IPTC tags...

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Thu Mar 30 19:50:57 BST 2006

As Gilles post is a bit to "computerish" for my skills (and I didn't really 
understand what will be saved in the image files and what not), I'd like to 
subscribe to the view of Markus:

Am Donnerstag, 30. März 2006 17:37 schrieb Markus Spring:
> Just my 0.02?:
> * I greatly appreciate the possibility to write IPTC tags - this is
> definitely a very useful enhancement

> * regarding the saving of information in images, however I would strongly
> to make it configurable in a very fine grained way
> * I for my person definitely want to have my name and copyright/copyleft
> written into the image - this could even be an automatic action after
> downloading the images

yes, and/or the possibility to write name/copyright to all (selected) files at 
> * however I myself am not sure if I would really want to save all keywords
> into all my images. Having them in the database is just fine for me, others
> will decide differently. Having a choice however is one of the things that
> makes linux and its applications so appealing for me

this is a very important point for me, too. 

One should be able to differ clearly between "private" and "official" tags, 
where the "private" tags are those used in the digikam album as it is now 
(0.8.1) and the "official" tags are those that will be saved as IPTC tags to 
the picture.

(for explanation of my point:
I use the tags in digikam for sorting my pictures to my personal needs. These 
are private notes that are nothing to everybody else. In contrast to this 
IPTC tags are ment for copyright information and tags that can be used by 
agencies etc. So IPTC and digikam tags must be two clearly different things, 
as I dont want my customers to know how I classify my photos in-house and on 
the other hand, the "official" [published with the picture file] IPTC tags 
are not very useful for my sorting work...)

> * the possibility to export/import parts of the image library should be
> seen separately from the issue of writing information into the images.
> However I regard this as a missing feature, together with the topic of
> having off-line stored images remaining in the database. Calculating a
> md5-checksum of the image information to identify files seems to be a
> logical step in this contect
> Ok, now it's 0.05? ;-)
> Regards - Markus

Sorry, if I explain too much at length. My english and computer knowledge are  
not that good and it could easily be that Gilles already did exactly this and 
I just haven't understood. In this case I apologise for the noise...


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