[Digikam-users] saving tags and rating into IPTC tags...

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Thu Mar 30 17:37:34 BST 2006

Le Jeudi 30 Mars 2006 05:37 PM, Markus Spring a écrit :
> Just my 0.02?:
> * I greatly appreciate the possibility to write IPTC tags - this is
> definitely a very useful enhancement
> * regarding the saving of information in images, however I would strongly
> to make it configurable in a very fine grained way

sure at setup metadata dialog page.

> * I for my person definitely want to have my name and copyright/copyleft
> written into the image - this could even be an automatic action after
> downloading the images

camera gui improvement will be done later 0.9.0. There are a lot changes to 

> * however I myself am not sure if I would really want to save all keywords
> into all my images. Having them in the database is just fine for me, others
> will decide differently. Having a choice however is one of the things that
> makes linux and its applications so appealing for me

Saving rating is in svn. take a look in setup dialog and give me a feedback. 

- saving tags.
- fix scanlib to get rating and tags IPTC metadata like Comments and datetime 
are does.

> * the possibility to export/import parts of the image library should be
> seen separately from the issue of writing information into the images.
> However I regard this as a missing feature, together with the topic of
> having off-line stored images remaining in the database. Calculating a
> md5-checksum of the image information to identify files seems to be a
> logical step in this contect

Later 0.9.0 : B.K.O


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