[Digikam-users] digikam and JPEG thumbs rendering : need JPEG files vertically oriented...

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Wed Mar 29 16:17:45 BST 2006

Am Mittwoch, 29. März 2006 16:09 schrieb Marcel Wiesweg:
> > If I can attach a small wish to the "insert text" tool: would it be
> > possible to remember the position of the last insert? (It already
> > remembers text, size, color etc., which is just great, but as I have to
> > insert my copyright marks in most of the pictures at the same position,
> > it would be nice, if it would already be where I placed it in the last
> > picture...). Nothing important, this, just if you feel bored one day and
> > have nothing else to do :-))
> That is easy if both images have the same size. What if not?

Well, I'd say, if the text "falls out" of the image because it's smaller than 
the last one, then it should be placed in the default position (middle). Or, 
having a selection to check "remember text-position"?

> Say we store the position as relative values, 

That would be great, much more than my wish of simply remembering last 
absolute position. But if the program can even remember the relative position 
(like "upper left corner" etc.) I'd be at a loss for words and go wild with 
enthusiasm - again ;-)

> but font size is stored as is  
> in point size. Then, depending on the size of the next image, theh text
> will be relatively larger or smaller (it will cover the same number of
> pixels), or might partially be off the edge.

Actually I don't know what happens in this case _now_ (never tried with 
different resolutions). All the "remembering" could stay as it already is, 
just adding the position. If the position is "wrong" for the new picture, due 
to size or resolution, I'd just still have to move it to the right place "by 
hand" - and the new position will be remembered.

> What do you do if an image is smaller, do you reduce font size (same
> relative area),

yes, approximately. I also have to change the color from time to time, when 
the theme changes (but I'm glad, color _is_ remembered).

> or does your copyright notice always cover the same 
> absolute area?

No, and also it's not on the same place in _every_ picture. But I mostly have 
series and then I have, lets say, 20 pictures with text to the lower right, 
then 20 pictures with text turned 270° and placed upper left... With 
"remembering" I'd save 38 moves in this example (Today I added 
copyright-marks to 800 pictures, so saving 90% of all mouse moves would 
really ease the job :-)

> (Btw, usually, feel free to add wishes at bugs.kde.org)

Yes, I know. I just didn't consider this wish important enough to put it on 
the official wish list... It would really just be kind of "luxury" to even 
have this feature, too. 


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