[Digikam-users] EOS 350D is called differently with ghpoto2 update

Gerhard Kulzer gerhard at kulzer.net
Mon Jun 26 09:58:37 BST 2006

This is just a user information for those who updated gphoto2 recently.

Since the latest gphoto2 update, the EOS 350D does not respond to the PTP 
entry anymore. My gphoto2 versions are the following:
gphoto2           2.2.0       
libgphoto2        2.2.1        
libgphoto2_port   0.6.1    

My Canon is set to PTP mode.
I cannot access the camera anymore when calling the camera menu, where the EOS 
is listed with PTP mode.
With gphoto --get-file I can access and download the pictures from the camera 
without problem. 
With digikam --detect-camera the camera is recognized (without PTP mode) and 
works fine. A new item appears in the camera menu without the PTP mode. 
Also when detecting the camera from the 'add camera' menu, the camera is 
detected and just called 'Canon EOS 350D'.

So, just replace the old entry with the new one.

And by the way, the interface now works fine when the EOS is set into 
PC-connection mode. It seems that gphoto2 is now compatible with both modes.


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