[Digikam-users] Getting digikam to autoopen when the camera is connected

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sun Jun 18 18:09:38 BST 2006

> When I connect the camera in KDE, a box pops up asking me if I wish to open
> in a new window, or do nothing. There is a configure button, and it appears
> that I could add an "Open In Digikam" option for the camera; however, the
> interface is either confusing or broken. Has anybody succesfully managed to
> configure this so that it behaves as I describe? If so can you give a brief
> step by step?

With current SVN version, as Gilles already said, better support has been 
added (written by Tom Albers I think)
In the box that pops up in KDE 3.5, you will find another entry  "Open and 
download with digikam" which starts digikam or activates a running digikam 
application. This works for USB mass storage devices and should work for 
gphoto cameras as well. Any testing, especially for gphoto cameras, is needed 
and appreciated.


> Thanks
> Reuben

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