[Digikam-users] Color management.. again

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Fri Jun 16 14:41:23 BST 2006

On Friday 16 June 2006 15:27, Tommaso Schiavinotto wrote:
> I think the best one to ask is Gilles :)
> I use digikam (CVS) version, it is a wonderful tool.
> I've set the input profile the one for my camera (dynax 5D). I would
> like to use
> the AdobeRGB alternatively to the sRGB, depending what I'm doing,
> It's not clear to me how to do it (and neither what I want to do :).
> So at the moment (since I'm mostly posting picture on flickr,
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/Teudimundo), I use only sRGB, even knowing it
> is the evil.

Like you. I'm shoot my picture in AdobeRGB with my Dynax5D and convert it 
later when i open the MRW picture in image editor using 16 bits color depth 
mode and ICC color management enable.

I use the ICC color profiles provides with Minolta DImage win32 app (camera 
and color space). Look in my ICC profiles repository here :


When a MRW picture is open into editor, digiKam ask to convert this on in the 
right color space. I don't have a black hole image !

After i need just to adapt gamma or curves, and i convert it to PNG, witch one 
preserve Exif/Makernote metadata (Tiff cannot done this task properlly 
actually duing a shame limitation of libtiff). This way will be fixed when 
Exiv2 library will support TIFF in writting mode. It's just a question of 
time (:=)))

But i'm very happy with PNG. It's my preferred file format to strore decode 
RAW file into RGB 16 bits mode without losing image quality. 

I'm currently working in Exiv2 to support PNG writting mode. Like this, we can 
change/store Exif/makernote/Iptc on the fly like it's does with JPEG, without 
re-encode the whole image (like libPNG does (:=(((... This is a chalenge for 
me : doing the PNG file format support in digiKam better than all others 
linux photo applications !


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