[Digikam-users] Color management.. again

Tommaso Schiavinotto mynos_main at yahoo.it
Fri Jun 16 14:27:20 BST 2006

I think the best one to ask is Gilles :)

I use digikam (CVS) version, it is a wonderful tool.
I've set the input profile the one for my camera (dynax 5D). I would 
like to use
the AdobeRGB alternatively to the sRGB, depending what I'm doing,
It's not clear to me how to do it (and neither what I want to do :).
So at the moment (since I'm mostly posting picture on flickr,
http://www.flickr.com/photos/Teudimundo), I use only sRGB, even knowing it
is the evil.

What about tagging with "digikam" all the pictures on flickr that have 
used digikam
in the workflow ?
(not that digikam should do it, but the photographer! :).


Per Aalrust wrote:

>Hi Gilles,
>>I'm working like you with my MRW files. I convert it to PNG. All metadata
>>are preserved and the workspace color profiles is recorded into the image.
>>There is no problem to reload it later in editor.
>	I'm also working with MRW files. How are you converting your MRW's?
>Would be very interesting to learn your workflow. Do you shoot your pictures
>in Adobe RGB or sRGB? Which color profile do you use?
>Thanks for your input.
>Best regards
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