[Digikam-users] Using digikam on two computers?

Duncan Hill digikam at nacnud.force9.co.uk
Fri Jun 16 06:20:23 BST 2006

Turgut Durduran wrote:

> The NFS or other mounting options are ofcourse there
> but they defeat the purpose. Like someone was saying,
> the idea is to be able to tag/edit my photos on my
> laptop while on the "field" (e.g. on a trip). 

NFS + SQLite has been shown to have a few problems, though only with 
concurrency I think.

> I do not quiet follow what are the technical
> limitations. I did not want to break what I already
> did so I did not attempt this yet but similar to the
> recipe that was suggested, I would imagine it should
> be tweakable to allow a user to edit the database file
> and keep references to real files *relative* to the

The 'problem' is that digikam uses one single .db file to store all of 
the information about the images and albums.

Because it's an sqlite driven db, it's not that easy right now to 
maintain two separate copies, and then merge.  I'm sure I can think of 
ways using perl to do it, but I haven't got that much of an itch to 
scratch to do it right now :) (that and my time is way too limited right 

The only thing you cannot do in the field right now would be tagging. 
You could edit to your heart's content on your laptop, and then just 
merge in the files themselves into the album tree.  Digikam would detect 
the new images and import them into the database.  No tags that way 
though (though, with .9's ability to store tags in ITPC, there might be 
a way to pull tags back out).

> finally, how hard is it to let advanced users to edit
> the database manually to add new photos to certain
> tags if the tag already exists and if not, create a
> new tag with references to pictures?

digikam.db is an sqlite database.  There are command line tools that 
could do it.  There's at least one chap who wrote a PHP interface for 
displaying based on the digikam db, so he probably has all the queries 
you'd want, as does the source code to digikam.

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