[Digikam-users] Using digikam on two computers?

Turgut Durduran durduran at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 00:37:18 BST 2006


I apologize for not checking the archives/bug reports
carefully before asking the question. Thank you very
much for answering my question nevertheless.

The NFS or other mounting options are ofcourse there
but they defeat the purpose. Like someone was saying,
the idea is to be able to tag/edit my photos on my
laptop while on the "field" (e.g. on a trip). 

I do not quiet follow what are the technical
limitations. I did not want to break what I already
did so I did not attempt this yet but similar to the
recipe that was suggested, I would imagine it should
be tweakable to allow a user to edit the database file
and keep references to real files *relative* to the
album path. So I can keep /home/myname/myalbums on
both computers but both won't have the same photos. I
could "unison" or sync the database files (may be not
in a  smart way but just copying the newer one over
the older one --- one way edits allowed) and have a
working digikam database. If a file is missing, it
would warn me and let me choose to ignore it. 

The other idea of keeping an identical copy of the
whole album structure but with tiny images is
interesting too but don't you get into complications
when trying to keep track of what is new/what is
old/what is large/what is small?  I imagine this one
would be able to fool digikam into working state on
both computers?

finally, how hard is it to let advanced users to edit
the database manually to add new photos to certain
tags if the tag already exists and if not, create a
new tag with references to pictures?

thanks a lot again.


PS: one final question, do competing systems like
f-spot have such abilities?

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