[Digikam-users] Lossless Rotation (outside image editor) not available here

Michael Fehr michael.fehr at gmx.de
Thu Jun 15 13:00:33 BST 2006

[sorry for this strange reply - I switched from Digest to single mails
in the list and didn't get your reply, so I had to reply to my own
mail ;-)]

Gilles Cauler wrote:

>In fact, these options are provided by JPEGLossLess kipi plugin, not digiKam
>itself. Are you a line like this :
>KIPI (loading): Plugin_JPEGLossless plugin loaded
>KIPI (loading): KIPI::PluginLoader: Loaded plugin JPEGLossless
>... when you start digiKam from a console.

There is no text output when I start from a console ... ?!

>Also, are you enable this plugin into Kipiplugins setup dialog page ?

Nope, there are 15 Plugins (KIPI-Version: 0.1.2), but none of them is
about JPEGLossless.



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