[Digikam-users] Lossless Rotation (outside image editor) not available here

Michael Fehr michael.fehr at gmx.de
Thu Jun 15 11:23:46 BST 2006

Hi all,

I am desperately seeking for a way to rotake my JPG-photos in a lossless way.

As I understood from the former discussions on this list, a losless
rotation will be performed outside the image editor, e.g. by
right-clicking on a Thumbnail.

However, digikam does not provide this option to me :-(

I am using Suse 10.1 with the following software versions:

digikam 0.8.1-23
digikamimageplugins 0.8.1-7.2
libkipi 0.1.4-3.2
kipi-plugins 0.1.0rc2-9.2

that I installed from RPMs provided by Smart Channels for Suse 10.1
(software.opensuse.org and ftp.gwdg.de/[...]/RPMS.base/[...])

There is no option to rotate pictures outside the image editor,
neither in the context menu of a thumbnail nor in the main menu.

What can I do to get this feature in digikam?

Thanks a lot,


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