[Digikam-users] Fontsize for Tooltip?

Duncan Hill digikam at nacnud.force9.co.uk
Sun Jun 4 17:32:17 BST 2006

On Sunday 04 June 2006 16:16, Gilles Caulier wrote:

> Yes, i'm agree with you. There are too informations displayed.
> I would to have more viewpoints in this room...

(Sorry if this is a double post, I forgot to set my From properly)


Rawshooter is one of the other tools I've been using while waiting for 
digiKam's raw support to mature.  The interface is unusual, but works fairly 

The top portion is obviously the equivalent of the thumbnail directory browser 
in digiKam.  Bottom left is the directory navigator, bottom middle is the 
real-time rendering area, top right is the real-time adjustments (and the 
adjust exposure compensation is a nifty tool), the bottom right is a smaller 
version of the image being worked on (when working at magnified levels this 
is handy) and a histogram.

As you can see, the barest details about the ISO etc are displayed on the 
thumbnail view, and I think that -works-.  digiKam's sidebar(s) contain all 
the detail in the world you could ever need, keeping the thumbnail view and 
mouseover to the minimum should work quite well.

Options for the thumnail view are very limited in comparison (in Rawshooter) 
to digiKam - image, image and information, nothing.

Perhaps the answer is yet-more-customisation :(  I really don't need the file 
information on the mouseover - it repeats what the thumbnail container is 
already telling me.  Of the photo information, I think things like white 
balance and flash could probably go away.

The pure customisation route would be to create several templates for the 
thumbnail view:

* minimal
 - Drop the entire File and digiKam segments of the mouseover
 - Limit photo info to date, focal, f-stop, shutter speed, iso, camera model

* minimal + file info
 - Bring back file info

* minimal + digiKam properties

Like Rawshooter, I think the f-stop and shutter speed could very easily be a 
combined line.

For new users, default to minimal, but have yet-another-configuration-pane for 
adding more information to the mouseover.

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