[Digikam-users] Hierarchical tags, renaming dirs

Duncan Hill digikam at nacnud.force9.co.uk
Mon Dec 25 07:53:40 GMT 2006

Michael Gerdau wrote:
> Hi list !

> - while adding some more pictures to the collection I renamed some
>   of the albums (directories) inside the filesystem (as a result of
>   revising my naming scheme).
>   As a consequence I lost tags and scores for almost all images
>   involved. Only very few images kept their tags but I have not
>   yet understood why.

If the meta data was contained in the images, then it'd be reimported.

Manipulating the file system outside of digiKam isn't supported at the 
moment, because you can't assume that a file that was at
is now the one that's at

without some kind of image-data (md5, haar algo) recording and 
detection.  It's a long-standing BKO entry to provide some form of image 
checksum detection and recording - I'm hoping to try implementing a 
basic MD5 method as a proof of concept.  I do say hoping, as $dayjob is 
8 hours of coding, and when I get in I'm not too inclined to muck in c++.

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