[Digikam-users] Hierarchical tags, renaming dirs (was: Digikam and KPhotoAlbum)

Michael Gerdau mgd at technosis.de
Sat Dec 23 07:54:14 GMT 2006

[moving tags]
> >   Is moving tags possible and how ?
> yes - just move them with the mouse ;-)
> (Only for the tag-filters view this does not seem to work,
> at least with a svn check-out of 2-3 days ago).

I had tried to move it with the mouse in both the tagfilter page
and the page titled "Comments/Tags" (or however that is in english)
both on the right hand side of my digikam window.

In both these moving with the mouse does not work (using 0.9.0
from the openSuSE playground repository). Shall I file a bugreport ?

It does however work in taglist on the left hand side (however that
is named) of my digikam window where I tried it only now.

> >   Is there a way to keep tags and scores (etc.) when renaming
> >   directories and how ?
> You will have to move directories from within digikam.


In another recent mail in this forum I had read that one of the
advantages of digikam copying the images into it's own directories
is that one can use the OS's tools for dealing with files and

Apparently this involves some caveats.

From amarok I'm used to its ability to identify moved soundfiles.
Don't know how it does it (I'd assume a checksum on some parts of
the soundfile but that's guesswork).

Instead of just removing the entries from the database IMO digikam
should try to find them and thereby reestablish the link between
the tags and the image.

After all assigning tags, comments, scores etc. is a lot work
and just removing it (I'm barely omitting the word outright)
does not seem right.

Or in other words:
Removing a users work MUST NOT be done unless explicitly been
requested by the user. If it is somehow required for the proper
functioning of the software there should still be an explanation
as to what is happening and why and of course there should be
an option to not do it for now thus giving the user the option
to possibly undo whatever he did that made removing such info
a requirement.

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