[Digikam-users] E-Mail Images and Thunderbird

Oliver Dörr oliver at doerr-privat.de
Sun Dec 24 20:42:43 GMT 2006

Matthew T. Gibbs wrote:
> On Sunday 24 December 2006 14:47, Oliver Dörr wrote:
>> Hmmm,
>> i'm running it similar using SuSE 10.0. But i have configured a bit
>> different. I'm not using the default mail-program, i'm explicitly using
>> thunderbird, and i have the thunderbird executable specified (on my
>> system /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird).
>> This works on my system
>> Oliver
> I just tried setting it to use Thunderbird explicitly (mine's
> in /usr/bin/thunderbird) and it now works.  So it must send a different
> command when you tell it to use Thunderbird instead of the default.  So I
> suppose to actually fix it Digikam would have to recognize that Thunderbird
> is the default and send the command that it sends when you explicitly tell
> it to use Thunderbird.
I could tell you the reason for that behaviour. Most E-Mail applications 
except the mail to command as an option for starting it. They are easy 
to implement. With mozilla based applications (like Thunderbird) this is 
different, you have to start an manager and telling him what to do. So 
it's two completely different thins between talking to a running 
instance, or starting a new instance and tell her what to do.

That's the reason why the sendimages plugin implementation works 
different for thunderbird and mozilla-mail. And so the default will not 
work ;-) I don't know the implementation of default, but I'm pretty 
sure, that it is more or less calling the standard KDE API  to do the 
job. And i'm quite sure that mozilla base mail application does not full 
fill their specifications. I think that the needed logic has tio be 
implemented in the mozilla projects instead. Best would, if there is a 
standard in freedesktop.org, which they could implement (this could be 
implemented for Gnome, KDE and whatever), but this fas beyond my knowledge


Merry x-mas
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