[Digikam-users] Review of Digikam

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri Dec 22 07:58:54 GMT 2006

Gerhard Kulzer a écrit :

> How did you do that? 
> I use digiKam since 3 years now, I compile daily from svn (riskier it cannot 
> come, I had many, many crashes), I've about 18000 images tagged and I never 
> lost any tags. In my opinion the most stable thing in digikam is sqlite and 
> therefore tagging.

there are many situations.

the easiest to reproduce is the fact that I have not the 
disk room to have all my photos on line, I need to stroe 
them on dvd. How do I store the database?

My photo collection was growing, I had to move it to an 
other disk, bigger, guess what? data base lost.

not to mention several others ways I don't remember the 
details (and the fact that the comments are -where?- not 
utf8 stable).



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