[Digikam-users] Review of Digikam

Gonçalo Valverde goncalo.valverde at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 17:00:12 GMT 2006

I agree that digiKam has a lot of nice features, but i wouldn't say
that the criticism of the review is totally unfair. The menu structure
is not only confusing but also not helpfull productivity wise. In
another thread I've commented on this, but from my point of view an
approach similar to what was taken with Adobe Lightroom would improve
a lot the the workflow in digiKam. Digging in menus for the right
action to use is not only tedious but also has the problem that some
of the menu items are not intituive.. it doesn't make sense to no
being able to change the IPTC or the EXIF directly in the tabs of the
image editor.. it's not even intuitive that you need to do that in the
editor of the gallery and only through a menu. F-spot seems to go into
a better approach on this, but it lacks a lot of the functionality
that digiKam provides.
IMHO digiKam could become a great program if the user interface
improves a lot, because almoust all the needed functionality is
already there.

Best regards

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