[Digikam-users] when is the default Copyright-info saved in IPTC?

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Tue Dec 19 16:36:33 GMT 2006


I know I've asked similar (much) earlier, but I can't find it anymore...

I want to have my copyright note to be saved in images and have checked the 
appropriate boxes in Metadata settings.

But copyright is only saved into the picture, when I assign a tag to that 
picture. I thought, it will be inserted when saving a picture (like save 
as ... jpg), but only "Program" and "ProgramVersion" are there then.

So, do I really have to assign a keyword to every picture to get my copyright 
note in it? Or is there another way I havn't found yet?

Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Switzerland
professional photography: http://www.daniel-bauer.com
Madagascar special: http://www.sanic.ch

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