[Digikam-users] Review of Digikam

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sat Dec 16 15:34:50 GMT 2006

> Just saw this negative review of Digikam:
> http://applications.linux.com/applications/06/12/06/158220.shtml?tid=13&tid

"In the negative column, DigiKam forces you to copy all of your digital photos 
into a separate directory in order to work with them....It ought to be 

This is a valid point. I think we will improve this at some point in the 

"In addition, the app forces you to import your pictures into an album -- 
pictures cannot exist as standalone entities in your library, which restricts 
your organizational choices."

A file lives in a directory, and an album is a directory, so every file is in 
an "album" already.
You need subdirectories and a album path, that belongs to the point above.

"DigiKam is supposed to support reading (not editing) of Exif tags, although 
it routinely fails for me, regardless of which camera I import from."

Not valid for 0.9 series. But it shows a problem with the review: The author 
does not say which version he is testing.

"Sideways-oriented tabs change the mode of the app, window panes appear and 
disappear in response to other operations"


"and the menu structure is disheveled, with operations spread out over nine 
top-level menus in the image browser and nine other top-level menus in the 
single-image window -- including some repeats. "

Menu structure is a controversial issue, a different opinion expected. And I 
don't say we have no problems there.

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