[Digikam-users] weird save problem

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Sat Dec 16 13:51:37 GMT 2006

some additional info on bottom...

On Friday 15 December 2006 17:01, Daniel Bauer wrote:
> Hi,
> Don't know if this is already known: there's a weird save problem that I
> can reproduce: sometimes a changed image cannot be saved (no overwrite of
> previous version).
> To reproduce, here's what I did:
> 1) open a CR2 file in editor by clicking on thumbnail in album
> 2) click filters--> black and white, do something (like "neutral"), click
> ok 3) close editor window, choose filter "JPEG Image", save
> 4) open the new jpg file from step 3 again by clicking on thumbnail in
> album 5) do something do change the picture (like
> Fix->Colors-Brigntness..., change the brigness, click ok)
> 6) close editor window, say "save" to the modified warning
> now usually the file will be saved without further dialogs etc., but
> actually:
> 7) the dialog "New Image File Name" opens (which is wrong of course)
> 8) cklicking "save" results in a short dis-/reappear of the dialog, but the
> file is not saved/overwritten (I guess, because the wrong routine "New
> Image" was called)
> the only way to get out, is to click "cancel", then you're back in the
> editor and must discard the changes to close the editor window.
> Interesting:
> This *only* happens, if you open a newly created image as in the steps 1- 3
> above and have *not* opened another picture in between. As soon as you have
> opened and closed any other picture (even without changing anything in that
> other picture) you can open the picture from 3), change it, and
> save/overwrite it as usual.
> I also tried step 3 using png and tiff, so it doesn't depend on the file
> format.
> Do you already know this bug? Can somebody confirm that this does not only
> happen on my machine?
> kind regards
> Daniel

I see that this error only appears in 8-bit mode (settings->Configure 
digiKam->IO files->16 bits... *un*checked). If 16 bits... is checked this 
error doesn't occour.

Also, to reproduce it's not really necessary to change the picture as told in 
Step 2. It suffices to open a CR2-file and "Save as..." jpg, for example.

The error occurs only when starting with a CR2-file here (I don't know about 
other raw files, I have only CR2).

Doing the same procedure but starting with a jpg or png or tiff... doesn't 
produce this problem.

I have updated svn few minutes ago, just to be sure the error still occurs...

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