[Digikam-users] Review of Digikam

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Sat Dec 16 13:14:15 GMT 2006

Dnia sob gru 16 2006, Duncan Hill napisaƂ:
> The benefit of the sqlite database file is that you have on central
> location to easily store and retrieve the information.  This also makes
> it faster than scanning 8000 photos to find all photos matching
> 'london'.  The benefit of a standardised image meta-data is of course
> that any other application (if it knows the standard) could read the
> information without needing the sqlite DB.  Pros and cons for each
> approach. _______________________________________________

That is true. But images themselves don't have to be in one folder...
This *is* major limitations. For example I'd like to have possibility to
edit tags for images already backup on CD/DVD. I think Amarok is near
perfection when dealing with collections. Of course this is about music,
not images but all are files :)

BTW - I was looking for photo management app for work (Windows) and I've
found something really close to nirvana: IMatch
- http://www.photools.com .

One word about panels. I like panels but current organisation has many
limits - especially on space, also reading of vertical text has its
drawbacks. Maybe for 1.0 Digikam could adapt KPDF solution? In that way
you could put much more panels on one side.


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