[Digikam-users] Is this KIO error significant/important?

cl at isbd.net cl at isbd.net
Wed Dec 6 10:36:21 GMT 2006

When I start digikam from a terminal window I see the following at the
end of the start up messages:-

    digikam: ImagePlugin_Core plugin loaded
    digikam: ImagePluginLoader: Loaded plugin ImagePlugin_Core
    digikam: /home/chris/Pictures/dtest/Evelyn/Thailand/aps054.jpg : JPEG file identified
    kio (KIOConnection): ERROR: Could not write data
    digikam: Found JPEGLossless plugin
    digikam: Transforming with option 0 5
    digikam: No EXIF information found.

Is that kio error significant or important?

Chris Green (chris at halon.org.uk)

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