[Digikam-users] Exiv2 library missing???

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Tue Dec 5 19:26:12 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 05 December 2006 19:27, Thorsten Schnebeck wrote:
> > > Is it right that
> > > /home/digi/digikamSVN//bin/exiv2-config
> > > is the correct version?
> >
> > I guess, at least the executable file exiv2 is there...
> >
> > > /home/digi/digikamSVN//bin/exiv2-config --version
> > > tells you what?
> >
> > 0.11 !!! (without the !!!)
> > how comes?
> So, I took you script and used that to update my own exiv2-package.
> That works without problems. So you _must_ have an old version?
> I checked the SVN trunk - there is no error in versioning.
> Did you miss a "make install"?
> try a
> cd exiv2-svn
> make uninstall
> cd ..
> rm -r exiv2-svn
> and start your exiv2 build script again
>   Thorsten

hm, yes I *do* have exiv2 0.11 installed, but in /opt/kde3, and the export 
commands Fabien gave me should point to the exiv2 in my special svn 
directory, as much as I understand. I think the "install in home directory" 
should be "secure" in a meaning that it can be installed there independent of 
other installs (could be other programs depend on an older version, no?).

When I first type those export commands (sorry, I didn't think about that 
before), then --version gives 0.12:

digi at venus:~/digikamSVN/bin> export DIGIKAMDEST=/home/digi/digikamSVN
digi at venus:~/digikamSVN/bin> export KDEDIRS=$DIGIKAMDEST:/usr ; export 
digi at venus:~/digikamSVN/bin> export UNSERMAKE=no
digi at venus:~/digikamSVN/bin> export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$DIGIKAMDEST/lib/pkgconfig
digi at venus:~/digikamSVN/bin> export PATH=$DIGIKAMDEST/bin:$PATH
digi at venus:~/digikamSVN/bin> exiv2-config --version

So the script worked correctly here, too, so far, and it's just that the 
second compile somehow doesn't look where it should.

Well, I'll see tomorrow, if there are news from Fabien, too.

Of course I can de-install my exiv2 from /opt/kde and then install the 0.12 
version there, but even if this work-around works it wouldn't solve the 
underlaying problem (in my opinion), because then all the exif2 svn up stuff 
in the test directory would be useless, because it would always use 
the /opt/kde3 install instead of the updated svn version. (I would prefer to 
have a "testing environment" without touching installed and running apps, and 
I guess quite a lot people would like this = "enjoy testing at no 
risk :-)" ).

pfff, my english is getting even worse now, so I'll give the compiler and 
myself a break for now...

Thanks, and till tomorrow...

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