[Digikam-users] Feature suggestion

Mario Hein MHein03 at web.de
Mon Apr 17 09:19:43 BST 2006

Hi everybody!
This is the first time I write to a mailing list. So please be gentle ;)

I use digiKam for about 2 weeks now (version 0.8.1). And I love it.
But there are some things I miss:
- I can't move pictures per drag and drop in the calendar view between the different albums (I have to go explicitly to the album view)
- pictures without EXIF date tags are sorted by the creation date of the file (I would prerfer a folder outside the calendar 'without date info' or an option to toggle between the two modes)
- I can't sort images by the EXIF camera tag (when I use different cameras I have to care manually about sorting images in different "camera specific albums" - and when I mix the pictures up, I have to sort them the manual way, to)
- I have a new Canon camera (A620). This one uses the new PTP protocol. And when I want to download the pictures, there is a file 'themes.dat' which I can't delete - I think it's a Canon configuration file for the camera. When I choose 'download all' - it downloads this file, to.  Is there a way to mask those files?

I'm aware that these points (only) count for ME. But maybe some others experienced the same!? I hope this is the best way to find it out....
Sorry for my bad english.

Best regads,

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