[Digikam-users] Sanyo VPC-G200 and Digikam

Old Rocker old.rocker at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Apr 15 21:58:56 BST 2006

This might be a bug in gPhoto2, but it is annoying and so I'd thought 
I'd post it here.  I have posted this via the website before but the 
problem has still not been rectified although it is marked 
as "resolved".

Sanyo VPC-G200 and VPC-G200E cameras are both serial cameras.  The Sanyo 
VPC-G200 is listed in the cameras in Digikam 0.8.1 and has for some 
time been listed under other versions.  Under Ubuntu/Kubuntu, Mepis, 
Kanotix and Knoppix I have noticed the same behaviour, so I don't think 
it can be distro specific, although of course all are Debian 

When the camera is connected and is on, and you click on the camera in 
Digikam, it first tries to connect with /dev/ttyS0 (correct).  Then it 
says it is finding Folders.  Then it tries to find files at / but an 
error message comes up that it cannot find any files.  That would seem 
to indicate that digikam could find no photographs on the camera, when 
in fact there were 11 pics there.

Since it can't download any pics for me, digikam is useless to use with 
the Sanyo VPC-G200 although it is listed.

Googling arounnd I found a Tcl/Tk program called TyGemo at:


This hasn't been updated since Nov 2002 and is a front end to PhotoPC, 
which hasn't been updated since January 2001.  I believe PhotoPC was 
the code on which gPhoto was based.

Tygemo works perfectly with my Sanyo VPC-G200, shows how many pics are 
in the camera, can download them, erase on the camera and can even 
operate the camera controls.  However, it doesn't have the full set of 
digikam's features, so I'd prefer to use digikam to access my camera, 
and I don't like the "clunky" GUI of TyGemo - but it works.

Has anyone any advice on how to get digikam set up so it recognises pics 
on my camera and downloads them?

Old Rocker

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