[Digikam-users] PHP script to browse images (with tags!) in your browser

Thorben Kröger thorbenk at gmx.net
Sun Apr 9 21:34:49 BST 2006


I just uploaded http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=37639

PHPDigikam is a PHP5 script to let others browse your digikam archived photos 
by album or tag.
 I wrote this because digikam's export plugin lacked one important feature: to 
show all the tags associated with an image and let you browse all photos that 
have the tag 'People' set for example.
 This script has to be run on an apache webserver and will query digikam's 
SQLite database directly, thumbnails are generated/updated via a bash script.
 - Only export certain albums
 - Tags that don't belong to any images
 in the allowed albums will not be
 - Browse photos by tag or album
 - Easily translatable
 (German and English provided)
 - Setup mode for configuration

(Sometime ago I already posted an earlier version of this script, but now I've 
reworked it heavily and it should at last be useable.)

If someone uses it, some feedback would be nice :-)


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