[Digikam-users] sRGB Vs. Adobe RGB

Dudas Gabor dudasg at freemail.hu
Thu Apr 6 20:29:59 BST 2006

jdd wrote:
> Dudas Gabor wrote:
>> I quote from my Canon 350D user manual:
>> AdobeRGB:
>> "This is mainly used for commercial printing and other industrial uses. This 
>> setting is not recommended if you do not know about image processing, AdobeRGB, 
>> and Design rule for the Camera File System 2.0 (Exif 2.21).
>> Since the image will look very subdued in an sRGB personal computer environment 
>> and with printers not compatible with Design rule for Camera File System 2.0 
>> (Exif 2.21), post-processing of the image with software will be required"
> AFAIK, the screens (hardware) are sRGB and can't display
> adobe. If you don't know what is sRGB and what is adobe, use
> sRGB...
> jdd

I agree.
But -as I've just read now- there are two exceptions:
- You want to print your pictures out at home with a good printer that supports 
AdobeRGB and it is calibrated! However...I still don't know how to adjust the 
picture on screen that is sRGB! Maybe you change something, and you try to print 
it out..and if you don't like it, you adjust again, and print again :)
- You have an Eizo CG220 Graphic Screen, that produces that AdobeRGB...which is 
around 4000 Euro (4900$) in Hungary :D


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