[Digikam-users] sRGB Vs. Adobe RGB

Marcus Popp marcus.popp at paranoidbsd.org
Thu Apr 6 20:27:37 BST 2006

On 2006-04-06T21:10, jdd wrote:
> Dudas Gabor wrote:
> > I quote from my Canon 350D user manual:
> > 
> > AdobeRGB:
> > "This is mainly used for commercial printing and other industrial uses. This 
> > setting is not recommended if you do not know about image processing, AdobeRGB, 
> > and Design rule for the Camera File System 2.0 (Exif 2.21).
> > Since the image will look very subdued in an sRGB personal computer environment 
> > and with printers not compatible with Design rule for Camera File System 2.0 
> > (Exif 2.21), post-processing of the image with software will be required"
> AFAIK, the screens (hardware) are sRGB and can't display
> adobe. If you don't know what is sRGB and what is adobe, use
> sRGB...

I know the difference between the two. But I don't know if it 
makes a difference ;-) This is what I'm trying to find out.

so long,


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