[Digikam-users] Problem compiling libkipi 0.1.2

Stephan van den Akker memelink.akker at planet.nl
Wed Sep 28 19:01:25 BST 2005

Hi Renchi,

First thing I noticed:
  imagecollection.o is in: 
Here is the output of objdump after correcting the path:

& objdump -t -C libkipi/libkipi/.libs/imagecollection.o |grep operator
00000000         *UND*  00000000 QString::operator+=(QString const&)
000003d0 g     F .text  0000004c 
KIPI::ImageCollection::operator==(KIPI::ImageCollection const&) const
000007b0 g     F .text  00000064 
KIPI::ImageCollection::operator=(KIPI::ImageCollection const&)
00000000         *UND*  00000000 operator new(unsigned int)
00000000         *UND*  00000000 operator delete(void*)

More clues?

Stephan van den Akker

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