[Digikam-users] Problem compiling libkipi 0.1.2

Renchi Raju renchi.raju at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 06:19:43 BST 2005

Stephan van den Akker wrote:

> Compiler: gcc 3.3.4
> .libs/imagedialog.o(.text+0x286): In function 
> `KIPI::ImageDialog::slotInitialShow()':
>   : undefined reference to 
> `KIPI::ImageCollection::operator==(KIPI::ImageCollection const&) const'

broken compiler? that function is implemented in imagecollection.cpp.
can you try this:

in the directory libkipi-0.1.2

$ objdump -t -C libkipi/.libs/imagecollection.o |grep operator

and see what it gives


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