[Digikam-users] GUI usability request

Tamas Hauer thauer at bluewin.ch
Sun Sep 18 21:29:11 BST 2005

Hi Renchi,

>In 0.7.x also, it was not possible to drag a bunch of photos from a tag 
>view into a new album.
I won't reinstall 0.7 just to check this but before your message I would
have sweared that I had done just that many times: selecting a bunch of
photos and dragging them to an album (granted, I had had to create the
new album beforehand, but it was still very useful).

> there were bigger usability problems in that 
>interface, as the assigning of tags (which is a more common task) 
>required you to scroll a lot in the albums-tag view on the left.
Yes, I can see that.

>as to 
>your concern about copying photos from different views into a new album, 
>this can be done more efficiently by providing Cut/Copy/Paste. 
>Hopefully, it will be implemented for 0.8.1
Ah, that'll be nice.  I guess it's a personal matter that I prefer
drag-and-drop so I'll stick to another konqueror window.  Let me try in
a different way:  I think that the GUI in 0.7 which had all the views in
one sidebar (Tags, Albums... and now the two more) was an excellent
design and very easy to use.  I understand your point that the new one
brings in good things: hideability and that you do not have to scroll
that much, which are very good points.  But the price to pay seems too
big for me.  I could for example imagine a similar design as the one
now, with everyhing in one sidebar, I guess hideability is easy even in
that case and to avoid the lots of scrolling, I would keep the four tabs
of 0.8.0 but instead of opening a completely different sidebar, they
would jump between sections of the one big one?

> > For example to use the handy flickr export,
> > I pretty much need to collect my pictures to upload in a given
> > directory.  I guess I can open an extra konqueror window though to do
> > that...
>A faster way of achieving this is: create a temporary tag, assign this 
>tag to the photos and then switch over to the tagview and open the tag. 
>no copying of photos involved.
That's a very helpful idea, thanks!


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