[Digikam-users] Canon S2

Peter Lord peter at plord.co.uk
Sun Sep 4 17:00:39 BST 2005

Peter Lord wrote:

>Hi All,
>I've just upgraded from a Canon S10 to an S2is.... nice camera :-). 
>I've found it works well with digikam 0.7.3 (the lastest for gentoo
>I have notice, though, that the image download doesn't spot new images
>and that the auto download directory seems to be Jan 1970... I'm using
>gphoto2 2.1.6 BTW.

Ah ... I had digikam running with an older gphoto2 lib and then
upgraded.  I had to remove the camera from digikam and allowing it to
auto detect.  Now the camera is showing up as an S2 and, secondly, the
dowload to a sensible directory appears to be well :-)

However, digikam still doesn't seem to spot new images.

I'm wondering if this is to do with the fact that I have lots of old
photos from my old camera, and I have duplicate filenames between the
two cameras ...

Does digikam detect new pictures by filename ?

>Appart from that, does anyone know a way to download images to the
>camera ?  I've looked around for tools  (command-line would be fine) but
>not found anything which works.
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