[Digikam-users] Compiling from SVN

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Thu Sep 1 17:18:48 BST 2005

On Thursday 01 Sep 2005 15:17, Renchi Raju wrote:

> in svn the directory layout is
> extragear/
> -graphics/
> ---digikam/
> ---digikamimageplugins/
> -libs/
> ---libkexif/
> ---libkipi/
> ---kipi-plugins
> the svn checkout instructions on the digikam website are slightly
> misleading as to the final intended layout.
Thanks - I've moved the libs/ directory up a level and the make works.  

./configure now tells me  ned to install a few things, which I'll do before 
trying another configure later (I'm out for the early evening).  

But among that list are libkipi and libexif, both of which I thought formed 
part of this compile - is this not the case?  (I'm wondering if it's still 
not finding the lib directory for some reason).  

Digikam 0.7.2 is installed and working - is that possible without these 
libraries?  Or are there libkipi/libexif-devel files I need?

David Aldred

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