[Digikam-users] TIFF Images and Thumbnails

Olaf Gellert gellert at arasca.de
Thu Oct 27 14:59:39 BST 2005

Hi Gilles,

Gilles Caulier wrote:
> What's current digiKam release you using ? 
> 0.8.0 work fine here with tiff files. 

I have installed a SuSE rpm with digikam 0.7.4. Digikams
"About" window says:

digiKam 0.7.4 (Using KDE 3.4.0 Level "b" SUSE 9.3)

# rpm -q -a | grep digikam

> Your tiff files are in 8/bits/color/pixels or 16/bits/color/pixels ? 

"xv" states "TIFF, 8-bit, RGB format" and the output of "file" is:

# file crop0002.tif
crop0002.tif: TIFF image data, little-endian

> Witch soft are you used to create your TIFF file ?
I used a commercial Linux software for my slide scanner.
The software is called vuescan, the images are displayed
correctly using "xv" or "gimp".

> Are you any problem in digiKam main interface or in showfoto, or both ?

digikam tries to create thumbnails for the TIFFs. The result are
pure white images, but in the correct orientation and size of the
images. If I click on the thumbnail to display the image, showimage
starts up but instead of the image the region is completely black.

> What's messages you have when you start digiKAm from a  console ?
None at all. Whenever a TIFF image is processed, I get:

channel bits == 3

on the console...

> Thumbnails are created using a kio slave. Take a look in ~/.xsession-errors 
> file when you trying to render thumbnail.

No errors at all. It seems that everything believes the thumbnail
creation was successful (the thumbnails are even stored to the
thumbnail storage), but the thumbnails are only white rectangles.

Konqueror seems to display only a few TIFF images as a
thumbnail (but at least some...), digikam does not display
any TIFF image...

Difficult to say what's wrong (at least for me, as I am no KDE
expert). Cheers, Olaf


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