[Digikam-users] more on antialiasing problem

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Wed Nov 16 21:56:46 CET 2005

Op woensdag 16 november 2005 20:09, schreef Aaron Solochek:
> Tom Albers wrote:
> > Op woensdag 16 november 2005 03:02, schreef Aaron Solochek:
> >>I have some more information regarding my problem with anti aliasing and
> >>digikam.  The problem, to remind people, is that no text renders at all:
> >>
> >>http://www.aberrant.org/~aarons/no_text.png
> >
> > This does not seem digiKam related to me, this is just a default file
> > open window. Are you using KDE? Do other applications suffer from the
> > same problem?
> I am using KDE to various extents on these other computers.  Generally
> I'm using a gnome/kde hybrid, but some machines launch a kde-session,
> others a gnome-session.  In all cases I use lots of other kde
> applications, such as the kdepim suite and konqueror.  digiKam and
> showFoto are the only two applications I see this problem.

We are not doing something with a file->open dialog this is a simple kde class 
we use, even if we want we have no influence on it. 

I can only suggest to try with a new kde-session with a brand new user, but 
whatever the outcome is, I can not help you, it is a system installation 
error, not a digiKam one, else we would have had similar reports.

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